Finnigan doing his Delta duty


Finnigan doing his Delta duty

Delta Therapy Dogs

Three children and a business doesn't leave me much time to play with, but I can still find some time every fortnight to be part of a Delta Therapy Team.

My dog, Finnigan and I regularly visit a local aged care facility under the auspices of the Delta Society. It's one of the most enjoyable activities in our life. Many of the residents are from farming backgrounds and watching their eyes light up when they see a working dog is a pleasure I'll never tire of (Finn is a border collie/kelpie crosss).

Finn undertook an assessment with the Delta Society in 2014 in which all kinds of things were done to him. It was quite hilarious. He had to walk past a muffin without eating it. He had to have a person shout at him and wave their arms and not react. He had to be crept up behind and (gently) kicked in the backside to see what he'd do when taken by surprise. Each time he just ambled on his way or wagged his tail. He's such a nice guy.

Finn instinctively knows he has to be extra gentle and he never lets us down.

Delta Therapy has done more for us than I could possibly have imagined.

If you have a good dog and want to know more, contact the Delta Society today. They need help to recruit and train more Therapy Dog teams to accommodate a growing demand for their services.

If you simply like the idea, you can donate to the Society or join the Red Bandanna Club and sponsor a team.