Australian Working Dog Rescue Inc. (AWDRI)

"Giving working dogs a new start"

With so many wonderful dogs on death row in council pounds and shelters, it is incomprehensible to me that a person could buy a puppy from a breeder and still say that they love dogs.

So much good work has been done to educate society on the long-term commitment that dogs require, and yet the pounds are full of abandoned animals and  puppy farms, backyard breeders and weird designer hybrids with health problems continue to flourish.

This is why we rescue our pet dogs. Just about every breed and age is available for adoption in Australia. You only have to look. I like working dogs, such as kelpies, koolies, border collies and cattle dogs. No one does a better job of rescuing and rehabilitating those breeds than AWDRI.

There was once a time when farmers, having a litter of unwanted puppies on their farm, would drown the litter or dump the pregnant female. Now there is an organisation that they can contact who will find good homes for the puppies.

AWDRI also springs dogs on death row from pounds all over Australia and puts them into foster care. It's no easy task adopting a dog from AWDRI either. Your home is checked, your background is checked and your reasons for adoption are fully explored.

We found Finnigan through this organisation and he has brought comfort and joy to everyone he's met.

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   Finnigan says, "Thank you!"


Finnigan says, "Thank you!"