Lyn is a linguist, literacy and language specialist and a dyslexia advocate.

She lives and works in Victoria, Australia where she runs her tutoring and consulting business, Lifelong Literacy.

Lyn travels throughout Australia presenting her Language For Life series of workshops to teachers and other education professionals. These courses are also available online.

Lyn is a consultant to the Australian print and radio media on linguistics as it relates to education. She has been featured many times on ABC Radio and Fairfax media, among others, talking about spelling, grammar and dyslexia.

Lyn’s two flagship programmes, Spelling for Life and Grammar for Life have been implemented in schools with excellent results for over a decade. The programmes also feature as books published by Routledge Education (Grammar for Life to be released in September 2015 under the title Language for Life).

Lyn provides tutoring on an individual and group basis at the Mornington-based Richardson Education clinic. She sees children and adults with language impairments on an intensive basis.

Lyn also consults to schools assisting in the development of research-based literacy acquisition programs. Penbank School, Fintona Girls’ Grammar School, Woodlands Primary School and Rosebery Primary School are among those currently working closely with her to improve their language arts curriculum.

Lyn consults to organisations such as the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service, Fremantle Ports and Bulla, providing literacy and language training for their executives and clients.

Lyn has extensive classroom-teaching experience and has been regularly employed by schools on a contractual basis to provide specialist literacy education for groups of at-risk students.

Lyn has three children (13, 11 and 9 years). Her 13 year-old daughter, Chloe, has Cri Du Chat Syndrome, a genetic disorder which causes developmental delay. Lyn has studied and is implementing an intensive developmental program called What to do About Your Brain-Injured Child. This comprises tactile, linguistic, balance, visual, auditory and mobility stimulation. The program has been very successful and extremely educational for Chloe and Lyn both.

Lyn’s middle daughter is dyslexic but has mastered the condition and become fully literate. Lyn has been a passionate advocate for children and adults with dyslexia for the majority of her career, but it has been in this last six years that her experience of the condition has taken a personal turn.